ULANA + JERAD - Ok so Ulana and Jerad have a cute love story. They used to date back in highschool. Sweet sixteen and both ended up leaving to explore the World so they lost touch for a while. Ulana is a little travel bug and went off to a billion Countries, including University overseas ( she has a marketing degree ). While abroad, she met her best friend Alejandra who came up fromMexico City to the wedding! Well fast forward years and years, they ended up running into each other again and the rest is history. Their ceremony in particular was so heart felt. Ulana looked stunning in a Cameo and Cufflinks two piece gown. Her mother made the stunning florals.

The Lougheed House is a stunning heritage property and venue downtown Calgary. For being in the heart of the beltline, this is an absolutely amazing location with gorgeous gardens and large trees surrounding the property. Ulana and Jerad live close, and out for a walk, they thought this would be perfect.

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