SOON! No for real. I don't hoard them for an obscene amount of time. Just long enough to make them epic & curate the gallery so you have the best of the best images to print + show your family and friends. Because why else are we here?

What kind of Camera do you use ?

I use professional camera bodies and I won't bore you with the technical details but they back up your photos with multiple copies when I am shooting. Double the protection of your memories before I even get home. I currently love Canon and Fuji cameras and lenses.

Where are you located ?

I can typically be found in Banff, Canada. But there are a few places my gypsy soul calls home. Calgary (Alberta) and Kelowna (British Columbia) are my go to's, and I do not charge travel fee's for most places in Alberta within 2 hours of Banff. I also do not charge travel fee's to the Okanagan. I'm in Kelowna for at least one month out of the year. And if you want to check out my current travel schedule, its up here.


What's an adventure session ?

An adventure session is an epic documentation of you and your love anywhere wild and free. We explore the mountains, or we go off the beaten path. But also, we just go to whatever spot that is special to you. Have a favourite lake or place you first met? I'm down to document that, and explore the area to get a diverse portfolio.

What is a second shooter ?

A second shooter is my assistant and second photographer for the day. You want one you have one. And not just ANY one, but someone who is a trained professional that I work with on the regular. Someone who I can just let roam free on a wedding day to capture the extra's while I am busy hanging out with you two.

What is an elopement ?

An elopement is a wedding on the smaller size. Sometimes it is only two people, sometimes it is 20. An elopement is normally on the more non-traditional side of things. Intimate elopements are what I specialize in, mountain elopements in Banff & Worldwide. If you want more information please reach out. I would love to be part of your day no matter how small scale. I am yours even if it's just for a few hours.