Questions? let me help you with the process and planning of your destination wedding, mountain elopement or newest adventure!


+ what is your experience level?

I've been shooting for the past 5 years, around 100 weddings. I taught myself how to use my camera + worked in a print shop as a kid.

+ do you travel out of Canada!??!

Yes I do! If your wedding is out of the Country, all travel is included in my packages if I am already overseas ( which happens more often than not). If I am in Canada, I can easily fly to you. To make it easy on you, I will book all the accommodations myself. I am very flexible with packages in regards to destination photography so lets talk about it via email! I have been to many Countries to work and love exploring new ones each year.

+ what do you shoot with? 

I shoot with two canon 5d Mark III's and some lenses for dark wedding situations, I won't bore you with the details any further but they have fancy dual card slots so that your photos are backed up 4 times. Yes 4 ... security and safety first with precious memories (as every pro should consider).

+ do you require any sort of deposit to hold my wedding date?

yes. I require a minimum of $1000 deposit to hold your date for full day weddings, and for smaller elopement packages I require $500.

+ do you bring a second shooter? should i have one? 

If you want one, you've got one! an extra fee to compensate them for their time + talent is required. Second photographer's are amazing to have along if you want extra angles + more photos. If your wedding is on the larger side ( such as 7 or more in your wedding party on each side) or over 120 guests I would recommend it. I shoot about 50% of my weddings with a second shooter so it really is up to you.

+ what is the job of a second shooter/ who are they? 

A second shooter is my assistant / other half and second set of eyes on a wedding day. I have a list second shooters that are full-time professional photographers themselves who work with me to seamlessly capture a wedding day.

+ how many hours should i book you for? 

Typically, I work between 3-5 hours for an elopement and 8-10 hours for a wedding, depending on each individual day of course. This is the perfect amount of time to have the story of your day told. However, some wedding days do require custom coverage. we can talk about it! free consultations + timeline prep are included.

+ what about an engagement shoot? 

Engagement shoots are not required, I offer packages with and without. Being a destination photographer, I often don't live in the same Country or City as many of my clients, so we often decide together what works. If you do decide on an engagement shoot, I help plan, style and coordinate locations if you wish.

+ what should i wear to my engagement shoot?

Unsure of what to wear? Ask me + i'll send you my favourite blogs for engagement outfits !

+ do you offer albums of our photos?

I do , let me know if you want to see a sample or two.

+ when will we get our images?

I normally deliver within 90 days, 8-12 weeks. I know its 2019 so I try to give previews out within 72 hours of shooting a wedding to tide my clients over. Curating a gallery of quality takes time and consideration, and I promise it is worth the wait but I will send a few to tide you over for sure.

+ can we print our photos and share them online?

Yes Yes and Yes! All packages have a print release included, you can share anything in your online gallery, download, and print to your hearts content.